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You will receive the same exact quality and one piece of black mini Shiva Linghams as in the picture's ! These black pieces are much more rarer than the regular multicolored one's. Until recently all of the black linghams were kept at the temples and not released for sale . These will be picked by myself randomly . The entire lot has high quality pieces so you will not be dissapointed . These are collected from the Narmada River in India and have great metaphysical powers . The river naturally polished these in this shape over millions of years and it is the only river where they are found like this in the world ! They are collected by the villagers once a year as a ceremonial tradition and they lightly wax them . These are highly collectible and many people carry these small sized linghams in there pockets (aka pocket lingham ) . You will receive one that is atleast 1" in size and most are closer to 1.5" .  

Black Pocket Shiva Lingham

SKU: 718
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