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Amazing price on this suite of mystic topaz .The tops of all 16 of these topaz are cut with a checkerboard top for alot of brilliance and some great colors .  You will receive all 16 gemstone's . I did not want to break this set up. I imagine someone can make something beautiful with them or have for a collection . The main and biggest gemstone is 12 by 16 mm and 8,7mm deep . There is also 13 gemstones at 12 by 10 mm by 7 mm deep and two more at 11 by 9 mm by 6.7 mm deep . Please note that all these sizes are appoximate and there is some minor variations of the actual size but all are within reason .This is an amazing deal for the right person .  

Mystic Topaz Suite of 16 gemstone's.

SKU: 136
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