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Please note that all of the items here are available through the website and may or may not be available at the store . If you would like to view an item listed on the website at the store please call first to have the item transported there for viewing before arrival.

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                  Pocono Rock Shop is located in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania near N.Y.C. and N.J. in a stunningly beautiful mountain covered terrain.  A retail gift & rock shop supplier of rocks , fossils , minerals , crystals , metaphysical items , mineral specimens , lapidary items , gemstones , jewelry and more . PRS specializes in rare and unique specimens made by nature . For more than nine years PRS has been in business and looks forward to your visit . The owner Gregory Rodi , GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional has been collecting and studying minerals for many years and is very knowledgable on the subject . He also enjoys doing lapidary stone cutting and polishing work . He is a gemstone faceter as well and on occasion enjoys a little jewelry work . PRS is best known for its great prices !

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